A NEW HOMELAND The Massacre of The Circassians, Their Exodus To The Ottoman Empire and Their Place In Modern Turkey. By Fabio L. Grassi

In this work famous Italyan historian  Fabio L. Grassi addresses Russian conquest of North-Western Caucasus, the massacre and expulsion of the natives, their forced migration into the Ottoman lands and the economic, political and socio-cultural impact of these events along with the struggle of the Circassians for acknowledgement and remembrance. 

“A New Homeland” enlightens the tragic concequences of the colonialist policies implemented by the Trarist regime in the Caucasus and the place of the refugees and their descendants in the formation of the modern Turkish nation.

The book also includes the transcription of very important but neglected documents in French and in Italian.  Also fort his reason, Fabio L. Grassi’s work deserves to be welcomed as an important contribution to our knowledge of an event one must absolutly know to understand the history of late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. 

The Circassian is a successful attempt in two ways.

Book information

ISBN: 9781642261349
Publisher: Istanbul Aydin University International
Imprint: Istanbul Aydin University International
Pub date:
Language: English
Number of pages: 240

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